About Luol Deng Foundation

Gifted to Give

The Luol Deng Foundation is a non-profit organisation that uses basketball as tool to give hope to those in Africa, USA and the UK. Our work in the three different countries follows the life journey of founder Luol Deng, with each region having helped him in a different but significant way to his path as becoming an NBA superstar.


Our main work in Africa focuses on building outdoor basketball courts and delivering basketball initiatives to bring local communities together. This is achieved working in collaboration with great organisations such as NBA Africa and UNHCR.

NBA All-Star Luol Deng
Luol Deng for Great Britain

United Kingdom

Our work in the UK focuses on providing opportunities for participation in basketball for all sections of the community through camps, clinics, events and programmes whilst also helping with coaching and club development. We focus on achieving this concentrating on three key areas:

  1. Increased participation in grass root development
  2. Providing provision and advice for elite pathway
  3. Increased coaching knowledge and development

United States of America

We have a great relationship with the NBA Cares organisation where our work is focused around festive times such as Thanksgiving and Christmas.