Since our formation in 2005, the Luol Deng Foundation has expanded and matured into a global charity with offices in Africa, the United Kingdom and America. Whilst our mission remains the same, the Foundation has adapted to new challenges, formed new relationships and continues to change the lives of young people around the world in new and unique ways.

The location of each of our offices are deeply significant; each one a milestone in Luol’s personal journey. But whilst each of these home from homes face different challenges and opportunities, the time is right to consolidate our approach and present one, unified voice for our community. Introducing the new Luol Deng Foundation identity.

The visual system was designed by freelance designers Darren Franks and Luke Allan. It is rich in meaning, with nine pictograms that represent our defining characteristics and are symbolic of the number 9 jersey Luol wears representing being one of nine siblings.

Luol Deng Foundation Branding

Luol is no ordinary athlete – tenacious yet humble, competitive yet cooperative. With that in mind, our aim was to differentiate the Luol Deng Foundation from other charitable organisations by building upon the values that separate him from other sportsmen.

Luol is immensely proud of his heritage and the many places that have shown hospitality towards the Deng family throughout his journey to stardom. The new logo is therefore rich in meaning and significant cultural references.