Our UK team will be moving offices this week into Evelyn Grace Academy (Brixton, London) in conjunction with our latest project DENG Academy.

The move will allow our organisation to have a base in the school to be more hands on with the DENG academy students and work even closer with the PE staff and mentoring programme. The link also allows for Brixton Topcats to use the facilities. CEO, Steve Vear is really excited about the move and explains how much this will benefit all parties.

“Evelyn Grace Academy is one of, if not the best sports facilities I’ve seen in any inner city London school. To then be able to add an office space here really helps us grow as an organisation and more importantly helps us to keep a watchful eye on our flagship project, DENG Academy. We are now able to have more access to resources and facilities to push our elite academy kids that much more.”

Vear continues to explain how important EGA is for the pathway into Brixton Topcats.

“Adding that the partnership allows sports hall use for Brixton Topcats is massive for the club and DENG Academy. The pathway for our academy kids has always been into the Topcats so for them to have the club practice in the school gives these aspiring kids a look at what the future holds.”

We want to wish our UK team all the best on there new move into EGA.

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