With DENG Academy reaching it’s second year, the program will be adding a Girls program a year in advance showing the immense rate it is growing.

Deng Academy in BrixtonThe academy currently boasts three boys teams: Development, Junior Varsity and Varsity which all compete in local and national leagues where a girls team was planned to be added in Year 3. However, the introduction of DENG Academy has completely transformed the school where the PE curriculum and out of hours is now predominantly built on the sport of basketball. This has in turn provided an influx of interest from more and more girls, where CEO Steve Vear feels it’s the right time to add this now to the academy.

“DENG Academy has grown so much in just one year which is down to the incredible hard working staff we have involved. Also adding our partnership with the NBA has really had a huge impact on the academy making it more appealing for pupils at the school to choose basketball.”

He continued to explain how the growth and visibility of the academy has enabled girls to want to get involved.

“It has been amazing to see how many girls have asked about basketball clubs and if they can do more in PE lessons. We feel it’s the right time to add a girls program now as we still continue to grow our flagship project here in the UK.”

More information can be found out about DENG Academy by following on twitter: @DengAcademy


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