The newly formed DENG League has started very promising with a high volume of competitive games being played twice a week at Evelyn Grace Academy in Brixton.

IMG_6664The league is apart of our UK’s flagship project, DENG Academy and was created out of need for schools in London who simply aren’t getting enough competition. The League has seen 32 games being played over the last 9 weeks at the U15 and U17 age groups. Teams from all across London travelled to DENG Academy to play some highly competitive games with some great talent on display.

Both age groups went down to the last round of games to decide who would compete in the Playoff Finals where it was DENG Academy being crowned U15 Champions with a narrow 59-55 victory against London Nautical School. The game had a shootout between two up and coming stars with London Nautical’s Louis Norton-Cuffy scoring a game high 38 points and Leon Neziri for DENG Academy with 28 points.

Competition is something we need more of in the UK where the DENG League has really helped to fill this void. As long as schools continue to commit by showing up and letting their kids play in a competitive environment, we are on the right track to helping.                         – Coach Ronnie Baker

However, London Nautical got their well deserved award by being crowned U17 Champions. They had the same U15 squad with a few additional players showing the great future this school team has for years to come.

We would like to thank all of the players and coaches who took part in the first ever DENG League where we will be expanding to invite other schools for the next academic year so stay tuned for more details.

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