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DENG Academy featureDENG Academy is a basketball school of excellence launched in partnership with Nike, Evelyn Grace Academy (EGA) and Reforming Black Britain aiming to produce elite basketball players to feed into Brixton Topcats Basketball Club as well as create teams to compete at local and national league level.

DENG Academy will be run out of EGA in Brixton, South London where the core teachings will replicate training methods that Luol Deng went through, as well as incorporate education into the program to ensure true student athletes are created. DENG Academy will teach athletes on and off the court, in and outside of the classroom installing essential life skills working alongside mentoring group Reforming Black Britain.

DENG Academy will have a structured player pathway model to ensure athletes progress through competing in central venue and national leagues, as well as advance to LDF summer projects such as DENG Camp and DENG Girls. The Academy will also have a scholarship fund to place the most talented kids in US high schools.

The work will not only revolve around the Academy elite players, but also across the entire school by improving the level of basketball by aiding the quality of coaching. This will be achieved through teacher training and national governing body courses across the schools PE department. Technical Official courses will also be available for the pupils at EGA conducted by England Basketball.


Strong links will be made with local primary schools where Brixton Topcats will work alongside the Academy and partners to deliver community sessions around Lambeth.

The tip of the iceberg, in due course, will be that the Academy produces the next Luol Deng.

Evelyn Grace Academy, BrixtonEvelyn Grace Academy Brixton
DENG Academy will be hosted at a state of the art sports facility with a full size basketball court that includes eight hoops, a dance studio, a strength and conditioning gym, as well as an outside track and basketball court. The school also has specialised sports equipment with agility/speed ladders, power pads, and foam rollers all for the academy players to use.

The academy players will train over 20 hours per week throughout the day outside of curriculum time in order to not interfere with their studies. This includes every morning before school from 7am-8.30am where they are provided with free breakfast. They will then train at lunchtime and then again after school from 4-6pm. In addition to the Academy timetable, the most talented players will be selected to attend national league club Brixton Topcats twice a week for an extra 4hrs of intense training.

Head Coach
We are excited and honoured to have the DENG Academy led by ex professional and the most capped international player in history, Ronnie Baker. Ronnie has been involved with the game of basketball his whole life and is arguably the best Point Guard to ever play in the UK. His knowledge, leadership and expertise will truly make this project our most successful one to date. He will be the Head Coach of the Academy working with the selected kids on and off the basketball court, as well as feeding the most talented players into Brixton Topcats, a club he also played for as a junior emphasising that DENG Academy is very much about Brixton in all aspects of the project.


Our main partner is Nike who will be backing the DENG Academy. They will provide kit, equipment, shoes, basketballs and a new brand to the Academy. There has been discussions around internship possibilities once pupils leave EGA to feed into the partnership we have with Reforming Black Britain.

LDF will work with Reforming Black Britain, a mentoring group who will be based in EGA to help assist with mentoring some of our academy athletes. We aim to meet regularly with REB to ensure both programs are working together to help assist the pupils, where there will be a main focus on improving GCSE results. This is a great addition to DENG Academy to help athletes on and off the basketball court.

We are also working with the NBA where we have discussed running NBA Jr. clinics alongside the Academy to outreach to primary school kids to again look to feed them into the Academy at Year 7. This is something we strongly believe will happen once we get the Academy up and running. We have also discussed sourcing trips for the kids to go to the NBA games in London as well as internship possibilities once pupils leave EGA to feed into the partnership we have with Reforming Black Britain.

LDF is supported by the National Governing Body through all of our UK projects with their full endorsement and assistance in resources. We will have in depth discussions with England Basketball on how our relationship will grow once the DENG Academy is launched and to what capacity the NGB will aid the development of the program. Discussions are taking place around internship possibilities once pupils leave EGA to feed into the partnership we have with Reforming Black Britain.

Our player pathway model allows the most talented kids to feed into the Brixton Topcats national league teams. We will also being working with the Topcats to run a weekend ‘Mini League’ for 5-12 year olds in the academy venue to engage the younger kids within the community. This is an integral part of DENG Academy to reach kids outside of the school to help the whole Brixton community as well as talent ID spot for future academy athletes.

We are supported by the popular restaurant through ‘Chicken Cheque’ vouchers for our Academy players which has been a huge hit as using for incentives and reward schemes.


As part of the constantly growing DENG Academy, we are thrilled to announce the introduction of a new initiative, DENG League to be hosted twice a week at Evelyn Grace Academy.

IMG_6664Through our ongoing work at Evelyn Grace Academy putting on PE teacher training courses, it was clearly identified that there is a huge need for more secondary schools competition. In the space of a week we reached our capacity of 20 schools from all over London who signed up to DENG League echoing the absolute need for this.

DENG League caters for both U15 & U17 Boys, where age group will be split into two pools of five teams. DENG Academy staff will organise the entire league supplying court space, equipment, table officials, referees, video analysis and off court admin completely free of charge to all schools. Games will host x3 teams at once allowing for each team to play two games per evening.

The league kick started last week where the Playoff Finals will be hosted at the end of April 2015.


If your school would like to take part for next year, especially if you have a girls team please contact us HERE