Deng Girls

The UK’s first female-only elite basketball programme

Deng Girls cropped

This summer DENG Girls will be delivering a one-off tournament all day on Friday 28th August in London on an outdoor facility that boasts x2 full size courts.

The tournament will be for ‘elite’ basketball players aged 16+ where we are doing some research to see the need for either a 3 on 3 half court format or a full court 5 on 5. Please let us know by clicking on the poll.

Thank you!


The UK’s first female-only elite basketball programme.

DENG Girl’s caters for 15+ year-old elite females who want to take their game to the next level. The program allows free access exclusively for female only participation including individual workouts, strength and conditioning, speed agility and scrimmages.

nike_regal_21DENG Girls will be launched at Nike’s ‘The Regal’ in February 2013 and will look to expand to other venues around London with the plan to feature across the UK. The program runs during breaks of the national league season.

  • Every Monday 7-9pm
  • Address: The Regal, Lollard Street, London, SE11 6PY
  • Cost: FREE (members only)