DENG Open Runs

London's FREE 'Open Gym' Project

deng open runs

We all know that getting a free summer run in London is hard to find. Well look no further than DENG Open Runs taking place every during breaks of the England Basketball National League season, completely free of charge for all participants.

The format of the runs are as follows:

DENG Open Runs will boast two courts for male ballers starting on Thursday 20th June, 7-9pm and will run the entire summer. 
Court One: National League players that play at under 16 & 18 level
Court Two: Semi and Professional players playing in and at EBL and BBL standard.

Registration will take place on the day opening up at 6.30pm. Please take note of the rules below which will also be posted at the venue.

1. Bring your own squad of 5 or just join a team on arrival
2. Games to 5 points [3pointers = 2pts and 2pt baskets = 1pt]
3. If no team has scored 5pts before 10mins then both teams are off and two new teams enter the court.
4. Winning team stays on until defeated
5. Offense calls fouls [excessive foul calling will be monitored by the Court Coordinator]
6. Running order is done on first come first served basis. If you lose, you will have to re add yourself or team to the running order
7. The Court Coordinator has final say with any decision on the court.